Innovation in Translation

Innovation is a team sport. Championship teams are made up of diverse specialists, all playing their positions with skill, inspiration, talent, and camaraderie, and a coach who knows how to win.

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Dave Ferrera

Dave Ferrera

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

Dave Ferrera is bridging the divide between entrepreneurial dreams and real-world success. His own journey blurred the line between engineer and entrepreneur, creating a hybrid that brought industry-changing innovations to life. He is a general partner of Treadstone Medical OC, a venture studio that directs its investments into diagnostic and interventional radiology technologies. Today, he not only helps bring big ideas to market but is shaping the way the next generation of innovators goes about funding their ambitions.

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Innovation in Translation

How Big Ideas Really Happen

Dave Ferrera invites the reader along as he travels the world chasing talent, testing new products, and targeting investors for new companies, ideas, and opportunities. Based on firsthand, real-world examples from Ferrera’s long history as both engineer and entrepreneur, Innovation in Translation will give you the inside savvy needed to be the coach of your own innovation team and win your market share while entertaining you with edge-of-your-seat stories from the front lines of innovation.

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“Dave’s book is a step-by-step guide to commercial success in innovation that every engineer and entrepreneur can understand. I’m putting a copy of it in the hands of every new engineer I meet, knowing I’ve improved their chances of success a hundred-fold.”
Oren Klaff
Investment Banker, Managing Director, Intersection Capital Bestselling author of Pitch Anything and Flip the Script
Dave Ferrera


Dave Ferrera is inspiring audiences with his unique approach to team innovation inspired by the athletic field.

Daves Topics Include:

  • Innovation is a Team Sport
  • Ethics for Entrepreneurs
  • Dave’s Team Rules for Creating an Innovative Culture

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"There is nothing sudden or solo about innovation. It takes years of thoughtful development, testing, and teamwork to really make a new idea happen in the world. Without teams, there is no progress."

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